Olive Healthcare Milestone

Global Leader in Wellness and Medicine

마일스톤 페이지
Completion of wellness & medical device development and validation of through clinical researches, IPO target by 2021 starting Global Business
1 billion won Angel Investor seed ('16.1Q) ’16.04  TIPS R&D Prj. (SMB Administration) ’16.11  R&D Prj. (KIAT) ’17.03  Next Generation Medical Device 100 (KFDA) 3.5 billion won Korea Investment Partners, Partners Investment Series-A (’17.4Q) ’18.05  HIMSS Europe & BIO Int. ’19.01  CES ‘19 & Arab Health ’19 ‘19.06  FDA Approval of Bello 10 billion won Series-B (’19.1Q) ’19.10  Bello Crowdfunding ’19.12  Bello Amazon Launch ’21.03  Launch for Breast Cancer Diagnostic Device (Origo) IPO (’21.3Q)
company profile
Founded March 21, 2016
Number of employees 34
Major shareholder Han Sung Ho (62.59%)
Address 283, Gangnam-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul